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the art of slow living

“In today’s rush, we all think too much, seek too much, want too much and forget about the joy of just being.”

- Eckhart Tolle

So what is this slow living trend that is coming up recently? having just trended in 2018. The idea of slow living is basically just to set aside some time to reconnect with yourself, choosing quality over quantity and soak up the simple pleasures of life.


We believe that people are embracing slow life more than ever as we all realised happiness isn’t just about [financial] success, it's about having a much needed balance in this hectic world we live to keep us going.


These days, we start to think of activities we can do inside rather than outside as we spent more time at home. To do that we believe that it is the ideal to create perfect home to live, eat, laugh, play, entertain and rest. Here, we curate mindfully sourced, sustainable rattan based furniture and home décor pieces for you and your home. We hope that it could help you create your dream house that is peaceful and tranquil. 

hygge lifestyle​

Here are some shared tips for bringing some hygge into your home and help you embrace the slower side of life.

Slow living is a personal journey, only you will know the steps that will really help you to embrace the slower, gentler way of living. Here are some basic tips that we have curated over the internet, we hope it will help you discover what you need, do leave what doesn't.

⚘ spend time with nature, bring greens into your home

⚘ set limits to how often you should use your phone or during what time of the day, find your balance of usage

⚘ reconnect with what you loved as a child

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